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Company Creed

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Company Creed

As a member of Marubeni Group, we share the sense of values contained in Marubeni’s company creed and management policy, while complying with applicable laws and regulations to contribute to our customers and the society.

Marubeni’s Company Creed

“正Sei”: Fairness

“新Shin”: Innovation

“和Wa”: Harmony

Marubeni’s Management Philosophy

In accordance with a spirit grounded in “正Fairness, 新Innovation and 和Harmony,” the Marubeni Group is proudly committed to social and economic development, and safeguarding the global environment, by conducting fair and upright corporate activities.

Marubeni Spirit

The "Marubeni Spirit," stipulated in 2013, expresses the corporate culture and spirit promoted by the Marubeni Group which, in simplified terms, reflects the behavior of individuals.

- Possess the willpower to shape the future

- Relish a great challenge

- Value a full, free and vigorous debate

- Fight through hardships

- Maintain a formidable sense of fairness


Through our sound business activities complying with applicable laws and regulations, as a group of dedicated professionals with global perspectives, we strive to reinforce our corporate values by contributing to the society and our customers. In doing so, we accurately grasp the needs of the society, and create new functions and values that it requires.

Believing that human resources are our most important property, we cultivate a fair and sound corporate culture, and nurture employees by creating an environment where they can exert their ability and skills to the full extent while respecting personality and special qualities.

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